Have you ever heard of luxury Thai chocolate made from Thai cacao, which beats the quality of some Swiss chocolate brands?
Did you know that Iceland has a vibrant chocolate-making scene?

Say “hello” to the real chocolate. Say “hello” to Hello Chocolate - the game-changing experience that is reshaping the future of the chocolate industry.

Thanks to the rise of globalization and the direct-to-customer business model, we are in the golden age of innovative, sustainable, independent craft chocolate brands. These small producers are making a proud stand against the huge industrial chocolate manufacturers and there is no way David gives any chance to Goliath. But with greater diversity and a proliferation of small companies trying to capture a slice of this ‘bean-to-bar” market, how do you find the best chocolate from the producers who stay true to the principles of quality and sustainability?

Hello Chocolate helps you to separate the beans from the husk. We actively support the best brands from around the world, whether they are well established or just starting out. We curate a unique and diverse selection of incredible chocolates from producers that we admire and support. On top of that we bring them to you along with an unbeatable gifting experience and original story-telling that inspires a healthier, mindful lifestyle.

Eat great chocolate today for a better tomorrow!

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